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Contact Sankofa for advice on shaping, leading, introducing and managing change in your organization. Our experienced team will be knowledgeable and strategic partners on what can be an unpredictable journey.

Change Management
Youth Development
Stakeholder Engagement


Change is the one constant in our rapidly evolving environment, and organizations and individuals need to be nimble if they are to thrive on today’s rapidly shifting platforms. Whether the change involved is the introduction of a new system or policy, the re-organization of a department, the introduction of a new way of doing business or responding to a new policy, successful change is driven by a vision, implemented with the introduction of appropriate processes and systems, and supported with clear and consistent direction and communication. Having led small and large organizations through a variety of change processes, Sankofa’s team understands that change is both organizational and personal, and provides a comprehensive, systematic path to support effective change for organizations and the people who make the organization happen.


Contact Sankofa for advice on shaping, leading, introducing and managing change in your organization. Our experienced team will be knowledgeable and strategic coach-partners on what can be an unpredictable journey.

Sankofa encourages and facilitates the concept of a civil society, civic engagement, participation and advocacy. Through years of work with local, regional, national and international coalitions, networks and Ad Hoc groups, the team has honed experience and skills in coalition building, community engagement stakeholder consultations, facilitation of focus groups and organizational feedback.


Experience ranges from consultations with small groups of stakeholders and focus groups with youth to develop a youth strategy, through the creation of North America’s largest tenant engagement system and the organization of elections involving thousands of tenants, to the engagement of community members in revitalization planning. Sankofa’s diversity, trademark customization and commitment to working with key stakeholders to develop appropriate strategies, is the key to our strong track record in this area.


Specialists in youth development, youth programming and gang prevention programs, the Sankofa team’s expertise in this area has been honed by the experience of working with youth in Toronto’s most marginalized communities. 


From developing and implementing a youth strategy for the second largest social housing company in North America, through the creation of Toronto's first gang prevention program, supporting youth and communities during times of crisis, promoting youth leadership, and creating relevant programs and interventions,  this team is a must-have resource for planning and implementing youth programs. 

Past initiatives include the introduction of leadership and Rites of Passage programs,  partnerships with unions and corporate partners, training of youth workers and collaborations with key stakeholders to create gang prevention programs.  

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