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Meet The Team


Sankofa consists of a team of associates with more than 80 years of combined experience in the community and public benefit sectors. Led by Kemi Jacobs an established leader in the public and community sectors, Sankofa's diverse team brings expertise in various areas.

Kemi Jacobs 

Founder & Principal Associate

O: 647 930-3699


Visionary leader excelling in driving and supporting change, strategy formulation and team building. Renowned for the ability to lead by example, build consensus and communicate amongst divergent interests.  Nimble, adapting to changing environments by establishing positive lines of communication and direction.   Areas of Expertise include:


* Strategic Planning                        * Mediation                                                     * Community Development/Engagement

* Change Management                  * Anti - Opression/Diversity Training           * Communications/Public relation  

* Conflict Management                   * Curriculum Development                            * Organizational Development

* Facilitation                                    * Networking & Advocacy                              * Wellness /Health Promotion

O: 647 930-3699


Evelyn Murialdo


Evelyn's strength in community organizing, faciliation and mediation are well known both nationally and internationally. As the former director of Community Health at Toronto Community Housing, she oversaw the design and implementation of the largest tenant engagement system in North america, and she continues organizing work in Chile and other parts of Latin America. Evelyn led the second largest settlement agency in Toronto of several years, and is a luminary in the areas of civic engagement and strategic planning.


Kwame Brown


O: 647 930-3699 

With over 13 years of experience in international project management, strategic planning and capacity building in both Canada and the Caribbean, Kwame Brown has held key senior management positions in both the non-profit and private sectors. He has a passion for working on projects that focus on youth leadership skills, newcomer settlement and employment-related issues. Through his years of experience, Kwame has continued to focus on the maintenance and development of strengths and opportunities, with the reduction of weaknesses and threats of individuals, communities and organizations.

Khary Collins


O: 647 930-3699 

An associate with a diverse repertoire of skills, Khary is Sankofa’s lead in the area of social marketing and new technology.   With experience in the design of websites, in using social media as a marketing and promotion media, Khary also works in the area of administration, education and youth engagement and development.  A certified Community Service Worker, Life-skills Training coach, Khary has  experience in Adolescent Counseling, Wraparound Training and Community Capacity Building in Successful Project Implementation. 

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