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YOW Summer Training:


As part of the sector's commitment to continued professional development for youth workers, the provincial Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) program worked with the Transformative Community Education Network (TCEN) and Sankofa to customize the certificate program for the Toronto YOWs.   Three of the 12 sessions were combined to form a Summer Program which is being offered to YOWs in May - July 2014.  By the end of the program, over 50 youth workers will have participated in sessions focusing on Youth Work, Social Determinants of Health and Practical Skills in youth work.  The sessions are grounded in an anti-oppression framework and focus on concepts such as location, currency, positive identity formation and the 40 assets.


Youth Workers Tool Kit


As a finale to the YOW summer training, a practical tool kit will be prepared for the YOWs.  Based on their expertise, practical experiences in doing youth work in Toronto for several years (cumulatively, the YOWs have xxx years of experience of working with youth) – this manual will document their best examples of strategies and exercises which are effective in working with youth.



Kemi's Trip To Ethopia and Burkina Faso


Ethiopia is a country we all should experience... the only African country which was never fully colonized and which has experienced significant upheaval and war in this century, there is a national pride which I've never seen anywhere!!  A deep-rooted sense of history permeates the atmosphere, and every Ethiopian is aware of Lucy (now exhibited at the national muesuem), kings and queens from Sheba who married David through Taitu who was the clever partner of MelenikII who defeated the Italians at Axum.  

​Aug 1st, 2013

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