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Frequently Asked Questions


The culture at Sankofa is unique. The best and brightest people—highly experienced individuals from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise—come together to help clients succeed by embracing and comanding change. 

Sankofa's vision allows us to incorporate strong values such as :

  • A client-centered approach

  • A commitment to co-creating with clients

  • Synergy through diversity

  • An ability to thrive in a team environment

  • Integrity

  • A drive for excellence

Sankofa's team continues to demonstrate the innovative leadership evident in our career paths. We are realistic, hands-on and analytical in our approach, thorough in problem solving, intellectually curious and have a passion for being catalysts for positive change. 








What Makes Sankofa Different?
  • Our customized approach which embraces the unique nature of our clients

  • Our committment to inclusiveness which ensure that all relevant voices are heard

  • The diversity of our team which reflects the global reality and brings perspectives which enrich the range of options explored 

  • Our focus on strategy-based transformation which is informed by the past but not defined by it and cascades the strategy through the organization with effective leadership and ongoing engagement.




How do I know Sankofa is best for me?


We believe that the best measure for determining if a consulting team fits you rests on the following questions:

  • What you wnat to achieve ?

  • The skills of the team - do they bring what you need?

  • The individuals that make up the team - do they really listen to you and understand your needs?

Sankofa's diverse team offers a wide range of expertise in a variety of areas and our skilled specialists can effectively address most organizational issues. We do not however attempt to be all things to all people. 

At Change Strategies by Sankofa, we encourage you to get to know us to decide whether our customized, inclusive, client-centered approach best suits your needs.




I understand that consulting can be very expensive.


Everything we do is tailored to each client's individual situation.  Contact  us to explore how we can work together.





How much does Sankofa charge for its consulting services?

Sankofa offers multiple engagement options and a variable fee schedule with rates for the coporate and public benefit sectors. 


Established Fee: These engagements typically have a well defined scope in terms of duration and deliverables.  Examples might include: Organizational Reviews, Change processes, organizational start- ups, Strategic planning and capacity building workshops .


Variable Fee: For projects where the scope and deliverables are generally less-defined. These engagements can be contracted at daily, weekly or monthly rates. Example: Interim positions (management, on- site consulting and mediation, workshops)


Retainer Services: Provided on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  This approach allows the client access to Sankofa's Consulting team via email, telephone and/or onsite during the time period specified. Examples include: Mediation, Concultation/engagement, Annual , series of capacity building workshops.



What’s the next step?


Contact us by phone or e-mail, whichever works best for you. We can teleconference or meet with you to discuss your needs and explore how we can work together to address them.

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